My One True and Me in Hawaii


My husband Elliot asked me to marry him eight months ago, and wow am I overjoyed that I said yes. Elliot is a remarkable man. Just the other day I was scrolling though some notes I’d written a few months before he asked me out.¬†As I scrolled through the dates, I noticed a striking difference between what I’d written before we started dating as opposed to afterwards. Just a few months before we dated, one started out with this:

I don’t understand love. I don’t begin to understand how out of the millions of people every which way, a person can know who they love, and find that one person, and that one person does the exact same thing.

I think I was quite certain I would never get married.

But after we started dating, the notes got happier and happier… until the date that we got married, and then they stopped. Not surprising really. No need to write in a journal when I can tell everything to my out-of-the-blue best friend. I love you Elliot!