The Day My Mom Saved Me


I could write a long post about today in all its happenings of ups and downs and smiles and tears. But it’s been so long since I’ve posted, and in order to actually post something, this will just be a snippet of a tribute to my wonderful mom. 

The morning was going horribly. And I’m not complaining, I’m just stating a very true fact. Ember is a newborn – sweet but demanding. I am a new mom, and I love my baby to the moon. But I am weak and inexperienced.

I knew it would be a hard day from the minute I opened my eyes that morning. I could just feel it. Plus, my 1 month old had had a fussy night and wasn’t eating well or sleeping well. As the morning progressed, I went about the high demands of my little girl, determined to be a “good mom” and take really good care of her. I planned on comforting her whenever she cried, rocking her to sleep, sticking to the sleep/eat schedule, reading my book, and sipping my coffee while she peacefully napped and woke up smiling at her wonderful mother. 

But nothing went as planned. By 1:00 I’d had it with this day. I found myself in our hot stuffy house sobbing over my screaming darling. Hungry, wet from peeing countless times all over her adorable new rompers, still with a dirty diaper no matter how many times I had changed her, and cranky, my little one needed me badly to fix the problem and make her feel better.

But I felt, as desperately as I was doing my very best to take good care of her, I was still failing her. Despite all my efforts, nothing was going right. And I needed help.

So I decided to do what every new mom should if she can. I called MY mom. And in 10 minutes she was there, bringing us much needed food, cleaning up spills I just hadn’t had time to get to, doing my laundry, washing all the dishes, sweeping and mopping the kitchen, and just all around cheering me up and being a great mom. She let me take her nice clean car with its AC (ours broke) to go out to bring my husband lunch and get a coffee. I drove, relishing in the blissful cold air of the car and thanked Jesus for my mom. 

So here’s to my mom who makes everything better. Since I have learned and am still learning from the best, I can hope to be as good a mom as she.