A Good Weekend


Last weekend my husband and I had the privilege to go on a little get-away trip for one night. I say privilege because it was the first night we’d spent away from our daughter, and any time spent with just the two of us is a very rare thing indeed. Before Ember came along, my husband and I would go on trips pretty much whenever we wanted to and for as long as we wanted to. We flew to Hawaii, road-tripped to San Francisco, and took multiple weekend trips to ski, camp, and hike. Back then I would have scoffed at a mere 24 hour trip with a single night at a hotel. But now that we have a baby, it’s not so simple to take a weekend trip just for fun. We’ve tried, and I wouldn’t use “fun” to describe them – maybe “an adventure” would suffice. So, all this to say, now that we had the chance to leave our daughter for a whole night, we were thrilled.

My wonderful mom (Nana) flew to Seattle to visit and watch Ember while we were gone. I can’t even describe my feeling of freedom as I waved goodbye to my mom and Ember. I was sad to leave my baby for so long (yes, I cried a little), but relieved to get to be with my husband without the constant responsibility and care of my daughter distracting me.

Our trip was perfect. The outdoor hot tub in the rain, Starbucks coffee as we explored the shops at night, pizza and steak at a cool restaurant, and finally Ben and Jerry’s with a movie back at the hotel – it was all just plain perfect. With an early breakfast the next morning we drove to a cross-country skiing area and skied all morning to our hearts’ content. Afterward, all cold and tired, we grabbed lunch at a cafe and then headed home.

Normally after a fun weekend, I am pretty sad that the fun is over and I have to go back to the humdrum of life. But with the thought of my sweet baby’s snuggles as well as my awesome mom to welcome us home, that typical blue mood wasn’t there.

Looking back, we honestly didn’t do anything spectacular on our trip – just hung out mostly, talked, joked, and ate good food. But I realize now what made it so very memorable. You see, throughout the trip I had this feeling that God was giving me a great gift – the gift of time with my husband. Lately time spent just the two us is hard to find. Elliot has a long commute to and from work, so he isn’t home that much. And our baby Ember takes up the majority of the time that he is home. I sometimes find myself looking back and pining for the days when it was just the two of us, and I got so much time with Elliot. However, this trip made me realize that my time and the time I get with my husband is totally and completely in God’s hands. He will give us the time together that we need.