My tiny, perfect Flynn Elliot is 6 1/2 months old now. And oh, if he only knew how much cheer he brings into our world! Those round blues as deep as the sea, that laugh as glad as the sun – his quiet sweetness is such a joy to us all on the gloomiest of days. From week 1 I noticed that Flynn has a remarkable attitude despite all the annoyances of being a baby – being over tired, struggling with eating, not being held when he wants to be, having to wait to eat or sleep because I am busy with his older sister… There are times when he desperately needs a nap but is struggling to fall asleep, and he always always looks up at me with the gladdest of smiles, fighting his discomfort or sadness. When his big sister Ember is playing with him and gets a little too rough, he will let out a small frustrated wail but then immediately stare up at her with the most adoring eyes, forgetting instantly the wrong done to him. Watching my sweet baby Flynn, I get the tiniest of glimpses into what it means to smile through hardship and let things roll off your back. I love and admire my darling boy so much!


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